Once you own a vehicle, you'll want to keep it performing like new for as long as possible. Here at our service center near Fresno, we are happy to help you maintain your vehicle's condition so that you can enjoy it for miles to come.

Our Top Maintenance Services at Madera Ford

If you want to keep your engine in great shape, it's essential that you get regular oil changes. Clean oil in your car lessens the risk of your vehicle overheating. We can also help extend the life of your tires by performing tire rotations. Plus, regular wheel alignments help to maintain your vehicle's handling when out and about around Chowchilla.

We can help you keep up your vehicle by ensuring you hit your regular service intervals. We can also provide you with cleaning services to keep the interior well-maintained and looking nice for as long as possible on your drives around Kerman.

It's also important to adjust your maintenance services to the season so that your truck, SUV, or sedan performs well in the cold or intense heat. Our team is happy to advise you about different services for different weather conditions around Clovis.

When you need to replace an auto part in your vehicle, it's essential that you use high-quality components. We only use OEM auto parts here at Madera Ford, so you can be sure the part we replace will last.

Get in Touch With Our Staff for Help

Are you interested in bringing your vehicle to our service center in Madera? If so, feel free to schedule a time for you to visit our service center using our online scheduling tool. You can also make an appointment over the phone and ask any questions about our process or different maintenance services.

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