Transmission services are an important part of car maintenance. The transmission is a complex system that requires specialized maintenance and repair services to function correctly. Our experienced technicians at our Ford service center in Madera have the training to maintain and repair your Ford model's transmission and keep it in great shape. We encourage you to take your car to our dealership for transmission services today.

Importance of Routine Transmission Services

The transmission is an intricate part of your Ford vehicle's engine. It has many moving parts and transfers power from the engine to the wheels when you shift gears. This means that the transmission must be in good working condition to ensure optimal performance on the streets of Fresno and beyond. Regular transmission service can improve your engine's efficiency, ensure it runs smoothly, and save money on fuel costs. It will also prevent wear and tear on different parts of your engine, avoiding larger problems in the future.

Signs of Transmission Problems

It is best to schedule transmission service every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on your driving habits. Yet, you may have transmission issues that have you bringing your vehicle to our service center near Clovis sooner than expected. These issues include:

  • Transmission fluid leak - You will see a small pool of reddish liquid underneath your Ford model.
  • Problems with shifting gears - When driving around Kerman, you will notice grinding, slipping, or jumping while shifting.
  • Unusual noises - You may have a problem with the transmission when you hear grinding or whistling noises when shifting gears.
  • Check engine light - When this light comes on, it may indicate a problem with the transmission. You should bring your Ford vehicle to our service center right away.

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Ford owners in the Chowchilla area trust us to service their transmission. Our technicians can maintain and repair manual and automatic transmissions while saving you time and money. To get transmission services, visit our website to schedule an appointment that is most convenient for you.

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