If you're buying a new vehicle, you most likely know what brand you want and what you want regarding features, engine, trim, and performance. When you buy a Ford at Madera Ford, you can get exactly what you want by custom ordering it.

Benefits of Custom Ordering

There are many benefits to custom ordering your new Ford besides the obvious benefit of getting exactly what you want. Why pay for features and trims you don't want or pay thousands of dollars and not have the things you do want in your vehicle?

Many discounts are offered to Kerman and Chowchilla customers whom custom order their vehicles. While you might think custom orders will cost you more, this may not be the case because you can save money. When you custom orders your Ford, you'll drive away a happy customer because you're getting what you want and only paying for what you want.

The Process

The process of custom ordering your new Ford is easier than you'd think. You can visit our dealership and look at the many models available. Our sales team will go over the many possibilities in options and help you decide what you want your new Ford to be in terms of features, appearance, capabilities, and performance. The sky is the limit!

The Inventory

Our inventory in Madera is huge. We encourage you to stop in and check out our many new Ford vehicles and our great prices. We have a great selection of new Ford SUVs, including the Ford Bronco, Ford Escape, and Ford Explorer, just to name a few. Our collection of Ford F-150 trucks may also catch your eye. Decide what you want and custom order it today!

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